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Q: What is Rejuv-A-LawnÔ ?

A: Our revolutionary green pigment will
last about 2 months (depending upon
mowing frequencies), while our active organic fertilizer, pest control, and weed control is sucked down into the root and soil to help keep your lawn healthy.

Q: How many applications are needed to green-up yellow or doormat lawns?

A: One application will instantly green-up any lawn, but for the active
ingredient to rejuvenate your lawn and keep it healthier, you will need a bi-monthly application.

Q: Will the Rejuv-A-Lawn
Ô bring dead grass back to life?

A: No. Once your grass has died, nothing will bring it back to
life. But if it is dormant and has not yet died, one applications
will green it up, and several applications will keep it green year
round. Keep in mind, though, that our specially designed green
pigment will instantly turn the dead grass green.

Is Rejuv-A-LawnÔ environmentally, children, and pet safe?

A: Yes, our product is safe. There are no toxic or dangerous chemicals or solvents in our formula.

Q: How long does it take before kids or pets can walk on the grass?

A: The application can be dry to walk on in about 30 minutes to one
hour, depending upon temperature, humidity and rain.

Q: How does it compare to other lawn care services?

Because of our one-step proprietary formula, the Rejuv-A-LawnÔ
service can cost a little more to apply than the conventional
fertilizer lawn care services. However, it can be applied for pennies per sq. ft.

Q: What is the product's guarantee?

Our guarantee is simple. Our Rejuv-A-Lawn is guaranteed to be
environmentally, children, and pet safe, and it will instantly turn
any lawn green (when applied correctly) in just one application.

“Specializing In Lawn Rejuvenation…Instantly Turning Your Grass Green”


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