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Why Do You Need
Ô 1000?

Instant Curb Appeal

Environmentally Save

Contains No Hazardous or
   Harmful Chemicals

Won't Wash or Wear Off

Lasts After Several

Instantly Turns Your Lawn
   Grass Greener

Organic Fertilizer
   Revitalizes Your Lawn from
   the Roots Up

Helps Fight Off Weeds and
   Unwanted Insects

One-of-a-Kind, One-Step
   Lawn Grass Restoration
   Spray Treatment

About Mirage Turf Technologies
and the Mirage Family of Companies

The Mirage Group of affiliated companies has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing artificial/synthetic turf grasses for over 12 years. Mirage is one of the world innovators of artificial lawn grass and synthetic putting green turf. Our grass turf models are sold through a network of hundreds of licensed independent dealers strategically based throughout the world.

Mirage brands are marketed under the names of Mirage Putting Greens, Lazy-Lawn, and Mirage Waterless Grass. Please feel free to visit our sister sites at: www.WaterlessGrass.com and www.MirageGreens.com for all your artificial grass and synthetic putting green needs. 

After more than a decade of successfully marketing artificial grass and synthetic turf products, Dale Potts, Founder and CEO of Mirage Turf Technologies, Inc. realized his company's largest competitor is NOT other artificial turf or synthetic putting green grass companies. The biggest competitor for artificial grass is actually real grass, gravel and mulch. In fact, real grass lawns are, hands down, the biggest competitor.

Most people in the United States still like their real grass. They just don’t like all the maintenance and harsh chemicals necessary to give them the perfect green lawn.

Artificial grass can be an expensive alternative to real grass, and not everyone can afford the upfront cost. So, Mirage Turf Technologies (dba Green-R-LawnÔ) has developed a proprietary product called Rejuv-A-LawnÔ. This revolutionary product was developed to affordably rejuvenate yellow, dying lawn grass and turn it INSTANTLY green.

Our Rejuv-A-LawnÔ  spray treatment will revolutionize the lawn care Industry. Rejuv-A-LawnÔ applies for pennies per square foot, and works on any type of grass, from yellow grass to even decent looking grass. It will even turn your maintained green lawn into a deeper, rich, thicker lawn instantly with one application.

While a single application of Rejuv-A-LawnÔ can last several months, it should be re-applied on a bi-monthly basis to allow the specially formulated fertilizer, pest control and weed control to thoroughly rejuvenate each grass blade from the root up.

Once dry, Rejuv-A-LawnÔ  won’t wash or wear off. Each individual grass blade will remain green for weeks, or until mowing removes the treated grass blades. Rejuv-A-LawnÔ instantly turns your grass green, while the organic fertilizer revitalizes your lawn from the root up. Rejuv-A-LawnÔ  is a one of a kind, one-step lawn grass restoration treatment.

Our Rejuv-A-LawnÔ can be applied to your lawn grass through our trained Independent Licensed Distributors/Dealers or through the purchase of our Do-it-Yourself Spray Kit.


Note: Our product will color dead grass, but once grass is dead our product will not bring it back to life. Grass must be living or dormant for complete rejuvenation to work.

“Specializing In Lawn Rejuvenation…Instantly Turning Your Grass Green”


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