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What Can Rejuv-A-Lawn Do For You?

Instant Curb Appeal

Environmentally Save

Contains No Hazardous or
   Harmful Chemicals

Won't Wash or Wear Off

Lasts After Several

Instantly Turns Your Lawn
   Grass Greener

Organic Fertilizer
   Revitalizes Your Lawn
   from the Roots Up

Helps Fight Off Weeds and
   Unwanted Insects

One-of-a-Kind, One-Step
   Lawn Grass Restoration
   Spray Treatment

Be the Envy of Your Neighborhood
with the Perfect Green Lawn!

Green Your Lawn

Rejuv-A-Lawn 1000

Rejuv-A-Lawn 1000TM is a revolutionary spray treatment that revitalizes lawn grass and instantly turns an existing lawn perfectly green. Our special lawn spray consists of a proprietary Organic Fertilizer, coupled with environmentally safe proprietary green grass pigment that instantly turns normal or dormant (yellow) grass perfectly green.

Our Rejuv-A-Lawn 1000TM  is environmentally safe and contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other inert ingredients known to be harmful to natural grass and/or humans.

Rejuv-A-Lawn 1000TM instantly restores discolored and dormant lawn grass. Instantly greens dog urine dead spots or troubled yellowed grass. Once dry it won’t wash or wear off…the grass blades will remain green for weeks or until mowing removes the treated grass blades. Instantly turns your grass green, while the organic fertilizer revitalizes your lawn from the root up. This is a one of a kind, “one-step” lawn grass restoration treatment.

The “perfect lawn” is now affordably obtainable with the use of our revolutionary Rejuv-A-Lawn 1000TM lawn grass spray treatment.

Our Rejuv-A-Lawn 1000TM can be applied to your lawn grass through our trained Independent Licensed Distributors/Dealers or through the purchase of our Do-it-Yourself Spray Kit.

Note: Our product will “color” dead grass, but once grass is dead our product will not bring it back to life. Grass must be living or dormant for complete rejuvenation to work.


“Specializing In Lawn Rejuvenation…Instantly Turning Your Grass Green”



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